Spandau—the Perfect Blend in One of Berlin’s Greenest Boroughs

As urban as it may be, Berlin also has a rural side to it, variety and change being the city’s stock in trade. Its borough of Spandau stands out with a particularly balanced array of scenic areas and residential quarters of metropolitan character. The new-build construction project “Meine Havel” is about to create a residential gem between the historic town centre of Spandau and the Wilhelmstadt district on the bank of the Alte Havel.

Close to the meandering side-arms of the River Havel, the homes at Götelstrasse 94 will make for an easy-going way of life in a pleasant residential area that is defined by well-appointed terrace housing. Things are a bit more tranquil here than in the vibrant trendy downtown districts, people increasingly appreciate it. Expansive woods and meadow lands spread out before you whenever you go for a long walk in and around Spandau. Being one of the oldest parts of the German capital, Spandau has many heritage sites in excellent repair just waiting to be discovered.

It is a borough of many facets that will amaze anyone who comes here expecting just more of the big city frenzy found elsewhere in Berlin. Locals consider Spandau a town in its own right—as it used to be—and in many of the borough’s neighbourhoods, everyone knows each other. In fact, some areas have village character. But standing in front of the stately city hall or railway station across from it, you get a very different impression of Spandau: You clearly feel the throb of city life. The historic town centre, painstakingly restored, welcomes you with a vibrant pedestrian precinct and rich variety of stores. Leisure venues include the Kulturhaus cultural centre, cinemas and three indoor swimming pools.

Spandau—Woods, Water, Works in Harmony

While Spandau may strike you as the perfect place for a peaceful, stress-free life among lakes and woods, one should not underestimate its significance as a business location. The Siemens plant is inseparably tied to this western-most borough of Berlin. Other big corporate players in Spandau include the BMW motorcycle plant, or the Bausch & Lomb pharmaceuticals plant. The convenient proximity to Tegel Airport, to long-distance rail service and to the motorway is just one good reason for relocating your business to Spandau. Well aware of the fact, start-ups have lately started opting for Spandau as an affordable niche location. Not least, the health sector is prominently represented in Spandau, with several of Berlin’s more renowned hospitals located here (e.g. Waldkrankenhaus, Vivantes, Havelhöhe and Havelklinik).

In short, Spandau is so much more than just scenic! It is a charming borough with a high level of liveability, marked by cosy residential areas with sound infrastructure in a pastoral setting.



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