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Spandau is still considered a backwater among Berlin’s boroughs—a misleading notion! After all, Spandau is one of the greenest parts of the German capital, criss-crossed by forests and bodies of water. Here, in the western-most borough of Berlin, all sorts of hidden treasures await you between the historic town centre, the citadel and the River Havel. The local parks and woodlands are great places for winding down after a busy workday. The River Havel with its countless tributaries and adjacent lakes create an almost rural idyll right in the city.

If you are dreaming of a home with garden section and direct proximity to the waterfront, Götelstrasse 94 may let that dream come true for you. Easy living in metropolitan Berlin is the maxim here. Halfway between the Pichelswerder island in the River Havel in the south and the historic town centre of Spandau in the north, a charming complex of terraced houses is under development. At Götelstrasse 94 in Berlin-Spandau, an ambitious residential concept combines with the advantages of a quiet lifestyle in an urban setting. You will find restaurants, stores and schools in the immediately surrounding area.

Berlin-Spandau is a haven both for nature lovers and culture buffs.

Each of Spandau’s nine sub-districts has its own special features waiting to be discovered any time of year. “Little Venice”—a labyrinthine retreat for lovers of the outdoors in the Tiefenwerder Meadows, just a stone’s throw away from Götelstrasse—is a highly popular starting point for boat trips.

In addition to leisure activities outdoors, you may opt to travel back in time and see the heritage sites, including the well-known citadel, the historic city wall and the City History Museum at Gotisches Haus. A particular highlight for those who love horticultural art is the estate park of Neukladow with its bucolic landscape park and manor house, which is used as an event venue. Indeed, Spandau is known for its annual attractions beyond the city limits.

Although there is plenty to discover in the quiet borough on the edge of town, you will get the urge to go to Berlin’s bustling downtown areas from time to time. The borough is very well connected via Spandau station, which straddles the east-west trunk line from Berlin’s central railway station and which is served not just by underground and rapid transit lines, but also offers regional and high-speed service connections.

Come and explore Spandau—it’s worth it! Enjoy the benefits of an urban lifestyle while surrounded by peaceful scenery and green retreats.


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