Berlin – a City with its Heart in the Right Place

From A like “Alexanderplatz” to Z like “Zoo”: There is something about this city on the River Spree that makes it popular like few other metropolises in Europe among residents and visitors alike.

What attracts people to the city above all is its vibrancy and diversity, be it in a cultural or culinary sense, whether by day or by night. Germany’s old new capital has something to offer for every taste. Each of Berlin’s twelve boroughs has its very own character and is favoured by distinct age groups. Students and young career starters, for instance, gravitate toward popular inner-city districts like Kreuzberg. Young families, by contrast, tend to fancy Prenzlauer Berg as their home district or else the green areas on the city’s periphery.

Berlin is also an outstanding science hub. It is home to a total of 56 higher education institutions, four universities and nearly 180,000 enrolled students. Not just graduates but even young students often form their own start-up companies, which is why Berlin has evolved as one of the country’s leading places for innovation. Numerous prominent start-ups benefit from young talent found here, as do established companies of long standing.

Not least, Berlin is considered the greenest metropolis in Europe. With over 30 percent of its territory taken up by parks and green spaces, it is easy to see why. Roughly 2,500 green spots and recreational areas provide opportunities to take a breather from the bustle of city life. They are complemented by countless lakes, ponds and waterways in and around Berlin, enhancing Berlin’s urban liveability. Outdoor recreation is supplemented by an inexhaustible spectrum of museums and galleries, theatres and cinemas. Everybody young and old will always find plenty to do, especially in the summertime when open air events and festivals fill squares and streets with life and let you experience the joie de vivre that people love about Berlin. You, too, will learn to love it and may never want to leave again.

Whether you are interested in history or the arts, whether you fancy night-life action or outdoor fun—Berlin will accommodate any kind of craving. Each borough in this city of eclectic urban charm has its very own character. It is also one of the greenest cities in Germany, dotted with parks large and small that enhance the anyway high-level liveability. On top of that, the city’s art scene and its science community play a key role in the life of the city, and make Berlin more and more attractive to young people, families, and start-up entrepreneurs.

The incoming migration is growing steadily. In 2017 alone, the population of Berlin increased by 60,500 new residents, and there is no indication that the trend is about to shift. Inversely, Berlin has seen its unemployment rate decline steadily while the number of new businesses being set up keeps growing.

Given all these perks, is it surprising that more and more people move to this city that has its heart in just the right place? There is no sign suggesting that the inflow of new residents from everywhere is about the dry up. And with the ideas, cultures and business ventures they bring, the new arrivals further enrich the urban landscape and ensure that Berlin keeps evolving as a place that is always vibrant and exciting.


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