Spandau being Rediscovered—by Flat Hunters and Property Developers

Spandau is the western-most borough of Berlin as well as the smallest. It presents itself much like a city in its own right with its enchanting historic town centre and its centralised administration but it also seems separated from the rest of Berlin geographically by its many bodies of water. Lately, Spandau has made something of a comeback. This is explained for one thing by its favourable location, as it is surrounded by woodlands and water surfaces while having convenient transport links to downtown Berlin at the same time. On the other hand, it is due to Berlin’s sustained incoming migration that added more than 60,000 new residents in 2017 alone. The city’s housing market is currently unable to respond to the demand for residential accommodation. Against this background, any new-build construction project in this metropolis of 3.5 million is more than welcome and highly sought after.

“Meine Havel” will be one of those coveted properties where couples and families settle to make themselves at home outside the busy quarters downtown. Spandau is increasingly moving centre stage. Over the past years, it has woken from its beauty sleep and is now experiencing a shift in trend that is reflected no least in successive rental growth. Although the rent rates remain close to the bottom of the list of Berlin’s boroughs, there is double-digit growth in the upper rent brackets. Spandau has visibly gained in appeal.

Buying a terraced house on the bank for the Alte Havel river tributary means you will be getting a property with superior fit-out in the perfect spot. Homes of 135 to 138 square metres spread across three storeys with optimal floor plans. The ground floor welcomes you with spacious living and dining area that includes an open-plan kitchen. Floor-length glazed patio doors overlook your own garden section and permit direct access to the patio. Modular privacy panels between the patios ensure a pleasant sense of privacy. Also located on the ground floor are utility rooms and the guest WC. On the second floor, balconettes create a bright and welcoming ambience in the rooms which are separately accessible. The recessed storey will impress you with its amazing gallery which opens onto the roof terrace that extends over the entire width of the house.

With its timelessly elegant design, this new-build complex of 14 terraced houses generates a warm and neighbourly atmosphere. An inconspicuous fence screens it from prying eyes without obstructing the long-distance view.

Acquiring a terraced house as buy-to-let investment is not just a good way to secure your retirement but also a safe investment in a steadily evolving borough with a downward trend in unemployment and a rise in the number of start-up businesses. Brownfield areas here present an attractive and collaborative environment for new service providers and innovative companies. Most recently, it was decided to establish a university for business and integration in Spandau which will offer its first classes in the winter semester of 2018/2019. It clearly signals the intention to attract young professional talent to the borough for the benefit of the local economy.


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